If your home needs to be painted, an excellent choice for those in NY, USA is to call Handy Man Home Repair Expert in New York at 917 400-4298. We offer a variety of painting services at affordable and competitive pricing. We can repair and service any area of the home including the bathroom, kitchen, basement, laundry room, and bed room.

With our handyman services, you have a one-call solution to almost all of your painting needs. We can give you’re a free estimate or provide free quotes. We also typically provide the same day response to all questions and concerns. Our professional painters offer interior and exterior painting service for your house or business

Painting Service

Interior Housing Painting

We only use quality paint with a systematic approach to ensure a fabulous result for every job. Various services are offered by our expert painters in association with interior house painting. These services include faux, wood graining, epoxy floors, cabinets, antique painting, and customer wood and painting work.

Each of our professional painters will follow the same systematic approach which includes the following:

• The first step is to move all items into the center of the room and then cover these items with new plastic sheeting. These sheets ensure the items are undamaged.
• The next step is to cover and protect all of the floors in the area with drop cloths.
• Depending on the customer, the next step is to prepare the walls and ceiling that needs paint. This step includes filling holes and cracks, ceiling stains, and sanding scuff surfaces.
• After this step, the area will be primed using quality primer and then painted with quality paint creating a uniform finish.
• All of the furnishings and accessories will then be returned to their original place, and the floors carpets will be swept or vacuumed.
• We then remove all of our materials and store your materials in an orderly manner.
• The final step is a full inspection by the customer to guarantee satisfaction. We also offer feedback cards for our painters and the crew.

We will provide this service for any room in the house. These rooms include the bed room, laundry room, basement, kitchen, bathroom, or any other area of the house.

Exterior Housing Painting

Our painters can offer paint repair and service on the outside of your home also. A professional handyman will be available to paint any exterior area. Our painters will visit a variety of areas in NY, USA with just a phone call at 917 400-4298.

As with our interior paint services, our exterior paint service follows a systematic approach to ensure customer satisfaction. This approach includes the following steps:

• The first step in exterior painting is to power wash or hand wash to remove mildew and dirt from the area.
• The next step is to prepare the surface for paint. This step requires all of the loose paint to be removed and the glossy or rough areas to be sanded. We also will use caulk on all gaps to ensure water cannot enter.
• Our expert will then use premium quality paint to cover the repair job.
• Our professional crew will clean the area every day, but will also ensure the entire area is cleaned at the completion of the task. We guarantee that paint chips will be removed and materials are put up neatly.
• The final step is a full inspection by you to ensure you are delighted with our handyman and his work. A feedback card is also given with exterior jobs.

Commercial Painting

When you want a paint company that can make your property look great, the answer is only a phone call away. With this phone call to 917 400-4298, you have a one-call solution to all of your commercial painting needs. We can provide excellent results while creating the least amount of disruption to your tenants or customers.

Our professional handyman at Handy Man Home Repair Expert in New York can offer expert service for commercial buildings, property managers, and real estate agents. We also offer deck refinishing, concrete staining, floor epoxy, and a variety of other services.

Whether you need interior, exterior, or commercial paint services, we can ensure the best results in NY, USA. You can receive the same day response with free quotes and a free estimate with competitive pricing. Call 917 400-4298 today for affordable and friendly service.

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